Two signs of summer

1. The ice-cream truck made its first trip through my neighborhood today. I bought one of those ice-cream sandwiches made with chocolate-chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. It was the good kind, with the middle part rolled in semisweet mini-morsels. I always think of Scout when I buy something from the ice-cream truck, because she used to bark herself silly when she heard it coming, and if I didn’t dash out the door and come back with a Bomb Pop for her, she would give me a dirty look and then ignore me for the rest of the evening. I hope there are Bomb Pops in heaven.

2. The frogs are back! They were singing their hearts out while we moved the beehive last night, and we heard them again tonight. I love listening to frog songs. Frogsfrogsfrogsfrogsfrogsfrogsfrogsfrogs….

I hope you had an ice-cream-and-frog-songs sort of evening, wherever you are.

— Emily