Friday morning

I woke up to this Friday morning:

I’ve seen a lot of Tucumcari sunsets, but being more owl than lark, I see precious few sunrises at the Blue Swallow or anywhere else. I’m not sure why I woke up early enough to see this one, but it was a nice way to start a day that included breakfast at Kix on 66, loads of macro photography for future posts on the Tumbleweed Motel blog, a piece of pie from the Midpoint Cafe, a mushroom sandwich at the Rock Cafe, and a harrowing drive through a blinding downpour on I-44.

I think I’m about ready to end my day now. I’m exhausted, and it’s either 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., depending on whether my computer clock automatically adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.

I’ll post more photos tomorrow.