Holy snot.

In the middle of a recession, at a moment when newspapers across the country are dying for want of ad revenue, this year’s Trip Guide advertising is up 9 percent over last year.

If I can hold us to the same page count as last year, I might be able to offset our printing costs, which underwent an unconscionable increase this year.

The answer to your unasked question is: Because I’m just that good.



I have officially plunged into the abyss this year: I spent most of this afternoon and evening working up ads for the next Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide.

Most years, I set aside a large block of time to complete the project. I’d planned on completing it over spring break this year, but I’m heading to New Mexico for a school-related trip that will take up several days of my break, so instead of taking my time and then relaxing, I am scrambling to lay all the groundwork this week so I can come home Friday afternoon and lay out the entire guide, start to finish, before I have to head out of town the following Monday.

If I am quiet this week, you’ll know why.