Glorious day

Things that rocked today:

1. My lesson plan. We’re wrapping up our unit on Hamlet, and instead of giving a conventional test to see how well the kids understood the play, I staged a press conference/protest in the auditorium. I enlisted colleagues and former students to come in each hour and play either King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, or a press secretary representing the king. It was one of the funniest things we’ve ever done, and the kids impressed all of our visitors with their detailed knowledge of the play. The day flew by, and the kids had a ball playing with literature while practicing some critical thinking skills.

2. The weather. It’s gorgeous out, and it’s supposed to stay that way all weekend. The bees were happy, the chickens were happy, and I was happy.

3. Dinner. We went to Burger House, which doesn’t sound like a good place for a vegetarian to hang out, but it really is. They’ve got killer curly fries, artificially flavored strawberry milkshakes (a rare treat, and one I cherish, as I hate the way real strawberries clog up the straw), and fountain sodas with that finely crushed ice like we used to get at drive-ins when I was a kid. All that and a grilled cheese sandwich made a perfectly lovely, meat-free dinner.

Hope your day was full of sunshine and laughter and strawberry milkshakes, too.