Productive weekend

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so we spent some time in the yard, catching up on a few projects. Here are a few of the things we did:

1. Built a pair of raised beds for the garden.

2. Filled them with barn litter. (Thanks, Zaphod!)

3. Emptied finished compost out of one of our dog waste bins and put it around the rose bushes to give them a head start on spring. (Because dogs are carnivores, you aren’t supposed to use their manure on food crops — the potential for pathogens is too great — but it’s fine for ornamentals.)

4. Installed some new tiki torches in the backyard.

5. Admired the crocus blossoms in the front yard.

6. Checked the progress of our other perennials. Chives are up …

… and so is the garlic.

7. Split and stacked about a rick and a half of wood. (Ron did the splitting; I did the stacking.)

We also ran some errands, and I got my lesson plans ready for next week.

Hope your weekend was as pretty and productive as mine.


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