Little sign of spring

The chives are coming back in my herb planter on the back porch, two violas are blooming in the front flowerbed, and I had to cram on the brakes to keep from  hitting a confused robin in the middle of the street this morning. Spring is creeping back into Red Fork.

On an unrelated note,¬†I had a lot of fun this afternoon. I have a TU student observing a couple of my classes twice a week. I let her teach today. She did OK with the first class but was a little unsure of herself and frequently deferred to me, which of course cost her a lot of credibility with the kids. The second group she taught is a notoriously unruly bunch, and I knew they’d chew her up if they sensed any lack of confidence, so I followed my instincts and did something completely counterintuitive: I got up and left. I was just outside the door, ready to burst back in and knock some heads together at the first sign of trouble, but I stayed out of sight so neither the kids nor their temporary instructor would be tempted to look to me for direction, discipline, or answers to questions.

As I’d anticipated, my young protege stopped being a student and turned into a teacher the instant I left.

I love those rare moments when I remember to stop and listen for Mind to tell me the next step. They always turn out so much better than anything I could have come up with on my own….