Folk Thursday: Late edition

I crashed immediately after dinner last night, so I missed Folk Thursday. This is more Broadway than folk, but it’s good and revolutionary and has been going through my head all afternoon:

Don’t tell me you’re disappointed. I just gave you a big frickin’ dose of Michael Ball. And just because I’m ashamed of myself for sleeping through Folk Thursday this week, here’s a double-dip:

Pay attention to that backup singer, too. I’m not sure what makes me more jealous: her pipes, or the fact that she got to use ’em with Michael Ball.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll blog a bit from Tucumcari if the evening is warm enough. (The wi-fi connection has trouble penetrating those thick stucco walls at the Blue Swallow, so you have to sit outside to post anything. Isn’t it a pity that I’ll be forced to sit under the soft blue glow of those argon tubes in the high desert to post my next update?)