So yesterday I wake up with my thought in a dark place, which of course manifests itself in the form of a steaming pile of unnecessary hassles and nonsense that render the day worthless for all practical purposes. I come home feeling exhausted, defiant, and wholly unwilling to cooperate with any request from any direction. I fire off a snarky e-mail to Swayze (whom I normally adore) and get a polite reply that doesn’t answer my question. I (barely) suppress the urge to click “send” on a reply that will obliterate any delusions he ever had about my being a “team player” or the One Girl He Can Count On for Support and instead decide that I need to blog so I don’t miss a day.

Still crawling around in a dark hole, I find I have absolutely nothing positive to say and instead turn my energies to a public announcement of my intent to be as uncooperative as possible with his latest request. Very professional of me. Then I get up this morning, check my e-mail, and find a congratulatory comment informing me that I have been nominated for another Okie Blog Award for best inspirational award. Way to earn it, Em. Bet that snarky missive yesterday really pulls in the votes. nice work.

As usual, the Father pulls me up short when I need it. Sometimes I think it would be easier if He’d just put me on a full-cheek snaffle and stay in my mouth for the whole ride instead of trying this loose-reined approach on a day when the wind is blowing and I’m inclined to spook, y’know?


2 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. God has a way of bringing us face to face with ourselves, and sometimes it is not a pleasant meeting. I’ve often wondered if I would like to have me for a friend if I could step outside of my shell for a while and be someone else temporarily. Frequently, I’m afraid the answer is “no”. Everyone you meet is carrying a very heavy load, or fighting an unseen battle, or both. It’s just too easy to forget that, especially when you’re carrying your own load and fighting your own battle. God bless you, Dolly. Just remember that you don’t have to MAKE the sun shine, you just have to open the curtains so you can see it.

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