Winter wonderland

Ron and I went for a drive Sunday afternoon. This is what the old alignments of Route 66 in Oklahoma look like after a winter storm:

The long-closed Tee Pee Drive-In on the Ozark Trail alignment just west of the Rock Creek Bridge near Sapulpa. I think this is going to be next year’s Christmas card….

Viaduct on the Ozark Trail alignment of 66.

Icicles cling to the rocks next to the road.

Honda should hire us to do their advertising. Does my tie-dyed hippie wagon not look totally bitchin’ against that snowy background?

Tank Farm Loop alignment of 66 west of Kellyville.

Pump jack on the Tank Farm Loop. This is sooooo Oklahoma … maybe I should use it for my Christmas card instead.

Seen at the entrance to a little strip of original Route 66 pavement that dead-ends on a side road between Kellyville and Bristow. The icicles on the right are not out of focus. They are fuzzy. Really: That blurring around the edges is actually fuzz made of ice crystals formed by freezing fog.

Long-abandoned motel at the end of the aforementioned dead-end stretch of road.

I loathe winter, but I love photographing 66 in the snow. Especially a deep, wet, fluffy snow that coats all the branches … and especially when that snow follows a half-inch of freezing rain so everything looks all glittery and pretty.

Hope you’ve found something beautiful to photograph this week, wherever you are.