Green men and groceries

Today was a good day — busy but fun, with a cappuccino and some cheese grits for breakfast; a ride in Gretchen; trips to the feed store, the hardware store, and an awesome new grocery store; a hive inspection that revealed a colony of happy, healthy, and intoxicatingly fragrant* bees; a pizza; a little garden work (I found some dried-up loofah gourds on a long-forgotten vine in the backyard and spent a few minutes peeling them and getting them ready for a good soak in bleachwater before I use them); a new Grateful Dead bumper sticker from Peace Frogs; a stroll through Southwood Nursery, where I picked up the irreverent Green Man you see above; a stop at Tie-Dyes of Tulsa to pick up a dress Kelly had custom-dyed for me; and two bowls of stir-fry from Genghis Grill.

Hope your Saturday was as full of fun as mine.


* You can tell a lot about the condition of a honeybee colony by its smell. If it smells off, something is probably amiss. If it smells good, all is well. This hive smelled wonderful — like beeswax and honey, of course, but with a distinctly botanical note, like freshly cut grass mixed with lemon blossoms or something. Heavenly.