Busy Sunday

I had hoped to go horseback riding today, but the weather was icky, so I just stayed around here and got some work done. Lots of work, actually: I scrubbed the bathroom, bleached the shower, replaced the shower curtain, cleaned the fridge, and cleaned the kitchen counters — all before church — and then I worked in the nursery at church, attended a committee meeting afterward, cleaned the living room, cleared the table, took a nap, cuddled the cat, decluttered the car, washed and vacuumed the car, installed a new seatcover in the back, wrote nine lesson plans, uploaded them to my classroom blog, did a small project my principal had requested, and went out for dinner.

I have to finalize grades, go to the dentist, take the cat to the vet, write an article, and enlarge several pictures for a bulletin board tomorrow. If time allows, I might get out my watercolors and work on a painting project, too … but only after I’ve soaked in a bubble bath and spent an hour or two curled up in the Fortress of Solitude with a book and a decaf cappuccino.

Hope your weekend was productive, wherever you are.