Picture of happiness

This picture is awesome because it represents the fusion of three things I spent many years trying to acquire:

1. I had the opportunity to buy a plushie like this in college as part of a gift package that included a stuffed Wild Thing (my favorite Wild Thing, in point of fact) and a copy of the book Where the Wild Things Are, but it was rather expensive, and I didn’t have the money at the time. I hadn’t seen one since, so I was pretty excited when I walked into a bookstore tonight and found this guy rolling his terrible eyes and gnashing his terrible teeth from an endcap near the door.

2. The little volumes of Beat poetry next to me came from City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, which I dreamed of visiting from the time I was 16 until we finally made a trip out there this past summer.

3. Longtime RFSM readers will remember how excited I was to get my ball chair (a.k.a. the Fortress of Solitude) last year after spending the better end of 10 years lobbying Ron to buy one.

I think I have pretty much everything I want now. 🙂


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