Apologies for my recent silence; I’ve been busy blogging over at my sister’s awesome site, the Red Kitchen Project, because she was busy having a baby. Jamie is now the proud big brother of Oliver Jacob Ritter, who arrived this morning at 8:09, weighing in an ounce shy of nine pounds.

I will be paying him a visit during Christmas break; stay tuned for photos.

If I am quieter than usual for a while, it’s probably because I’m in the kitchen, cooking up blog entries for the Red Kitchen. Grace’s readers are accustomed to five posts a week, and she was concerned they might get bored and wander off if she disappeared for a while, so I’m trying to keep them entertained while she recuperates.


2 thoughts on “Rugrat”

  1. You so rule for helping me out. Thanks, sis. Your recipes have been making me drool. Can’t wait till I’m off my meds and trust myself running a stove while watching a newborn and three-year-old so I can try some of them out!

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