She shoots, she scores!

My trig instructor told us at the beginning of the semester that he would drop our lowest test score. This meant that if we did well on all the regular tests, we could blow off the final — which is scheduled for next Tuesday night, at the same time as the KISS concert at the BOk center.

Thanks to a solid performance on tonight’s test, I do not have to take the final, so I am free to rock and roll all night instead of worrying about the law of cosines or the polar form of y=ax + bi. Not that I don’t enjoy math, but graphing the arctangent of the secant of theta would be more interesting if it involved pyrotechnics.

By the numbers:

Score on this evening’s trig test: 90 out of 100.
Score on this evening’s trig homework: 20 out of 20.
Average for the semester: 95.

I have now settled all my old scores. Algebra and trig both kicked my butt in high school. I have finally returned the favor and am ready to take on calculus either next semester or in the summer, depending on how my schedule looks.

I must say, I am rather enjoying my nerdiness….