OMG ponies!!!!1!!!1!!

We went out to Route 66 Riding Stables on East 11th Street today. For $15 an hour, you can rent a horse to ride. As far as I’m concerned, horseback riding is pretty much the most awesome thing there is, and I haven’t had a chance to do it in the past seven or eight years, so I was delighted to find out about this new business on 66.

My muscles have gotten a bit barn sour in the past few years, but I had a good time meandering around the grounds on a pretty black horse named Max.

Ron took a picture of us, which he posted on his blog.

I spent part of this evening experimenting with sugar-free candymaking. I can’t say I’m greatly pleased with the results (Splenda is weird stuff to work with, and when you mix it with baking chocolate, it has a distinct iced-tea-that’s-been-sweetened-after-it-cooled vibe), but I made a decent peanut butter fudge out of fructose, so I’ll have something to share with Swayze — who is diabetic — when I take homemade candy to school next week.

I’m making real candy and writing lesson plans tomorrow. Go, me!



3 thoughts on “OMG ponies!!!!1!!!1!!”

  1. Jamie thought the horse looked like Zorro’s. He got to ride in a horse-drawn carriage Saturday and grinned all the way. Bet he’ll go riding with you some day.

  2. I read Ron’s post. I really want to go riding sometime, but I don’t think I’ve ever done it legitimately (i.e. ridden a horse not tied to others and walking in a circle at the fair). I’m not sure I’m good enough to check that place out. We’ll see how brave I get.

  3. Mom: When spring comes, I am SO taking Jamie down to Giant City for a lesson.

    Brigid: If you want, I’ll ride with you. A good trail horse, following an experienced rider on another good trail horse, should be pretty easy to handle.

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