Showing my snails

Remember when I said I needed a macro lens to get good, tight shots of the tiny creatures who frequent my garden?

Ron bought me the next best thing the other day: an extension tube. It’s a fairly simple gadget that allows a standard lens to function more or less like a macro. A little guest showed up on our front porch this evening and gave me an opportunity to test-drive it:




I think it works pretty well. I never realized that snails’ skin had such a scaly texture. My Speedlite provided illumination, as it was very dark outside, and the porch light wasn’t quite sufficient for detailed photography.


I got this longer shot with the regular lens. I like how you can see the silvery trail the little guy left behind. I have a project in mind for this photo, but I’ll wait until it’s finished to share it. Stay tuned….



3 thoughts on “Showing my snails”

  1. Those are great shots. I love macro photography.
    If you ever get a macro lens – I recommend the Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro. It’s an excellent portrait lens, and it does excellent macro stuff too. Downside: $$$

    On the upside, it doesn’t look like you need a macro lens.

    Ever tried KEH dot com? great used stuff. I have two Medium Format cameras from there.

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