Busy weekend


Our jack-o’-lanterns. The one on the left is a Webster High School logo. It looked better when I first carved it, but part of it started to sag as the evening wore on. I swiped the peace-pumpkin idea from my friend Trisha.

My weekend, by the numbers:

1:52:20: Hours, minutes, and seconds it took me to finish this year’s Tulsa Run. For the record, that’s nearly 11 minutes more than my last Tulsa Run, and over 21 more than my fastest. I’m woefully out of shape this season, so I have only myself to blame for my thoroughly abysmal time.
Three: Dollars spent on pumpkins at the church-run patch up the road.
Two: Number of jack-o’-lanterns I carved before the trick-or-treaters arrived.
Thirty-five: Approximate number of trick-or-treaters who showed up on our doorstep last night.
Five: Hours Ron and I spent cleaning the garage this weekend.
Seven: Number of cave crickets I killed while cleaning the garage.
One: Number of pickup loads of stuff we donated to Goodwill.
Nine: Number of contractor-sized garbage bags currently sitting on our curb.
Fifty-two: Ounces of soda necessary to rehydrate me after we finished cleaning the garage.
One hundred forty-nine: Number of trig problems I probably ought to work between now and 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.
Thirty: Number of trig problems I absolutely have to work between now and 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.
Zero: Number of trig problems I am probably going to work tonight.

Hope your weekend was as productive as mine.


2 thoughts on “Busy weekend”

  1. Wow. I am impressed you were able to kill 7 cave crickets. The damn things jump around so sporatically I can never manage to whack them. Instead they just jump on my eyeball or something horrendously creepy…

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