Let there be lights


I was in the mood for New Mexico this evening. Specifically, I was in the mood for the open-air arts market at Tijeras — all twinkly lights and chile ristras and pinon smoke.

I have a couple of commitments Sunday, so I couldn’t really get away with hopping in the car and driving 600 miles just for the fun of it. (Couldn’t really afford it, either. Ron is working this weekend, and believe me: I should NOT be trusted with my credit card in New Mexico unless I have adult supervision. Especially if I’m spending most of my time hanging out with a bunch of hippies who are selling shiny handmade objects while some acoustic-guitar-wielding guy who sounds like James Taylor sings folk songs in the background.)

Failing that, I went over to Grumpy’s Garden and picked up a tabletop chiminea, a bag of pinon chips, and a small chile ristra for less than I would have spent on gas to drive to Tijeras and back. I also picked up $15 worth of soft white Christmas lights from Target — enough to cover the pergola in tiny bulbs.



I really like the effect. I don’t know why little white lights look so magical, but they always do. My timing was good, too: I need instant gratification when I do a project, and it was just past dusk by the time I got the extension cord plugged in and the lights on.

It’s not New Mexico, but it’s a nice place to spend a cool fall evening, anyway.

Incidentally, I’m rather proud of these photos. I didn’t use a tripod, and I had the shutter slowed down to 1/10th of a second on all of them except the ristra, which I shot at 1/6th of a second. Go, me!



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