Folk Thursday: Carole King

Have I already posted this one? If I have, it’s been a while. I’m using the song as part of a figurative language lesson next week.

The kids are really getting into the idea of listening to a song and then identifying the literary devices used in the lyrics. Meanwhile, I’m really getting into watching the kids’ reactions to various songs.

I have learned that their taste in jazz is rather unpredictable (they loved Jaimee Paul’s cover of “Orange-Colored Sky,” but they weren’t wild about Ella Fitzgerald doing Gershwin); there’s at least one Beatles fan in every class; and the Temptations are universally adored, regardless of the listener’s race, creed, color, age, gender, orientation, or attitude. Such is the awesomeness of “My Girl.”

Next week’s playlist includes “Tapestry”; Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins”; Trout Fishing in America’s “My Hair Had a Party Last Night”; and Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song.” Should be a hoot….



2 thoughts on “Folk Thursday: Carole King”

  1. I seem to recall getting bonus points in Turner’s class in high school during our American Poetry unit for bringing in Simon & Garfunkel’s “Richard Cory”…(still one of my fave songs today!) Do you have a poetry unit??

  2. Vivian gave me a bonus point for bringing in that same album. We do poetry next quarter. I can’t wait to use “Ode to Billie Joe” to teach narrative poetry. I foresee a heated discussion about what she and Billie Joe was throwin’ off the Tallahatchie Bridge. 🙂

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