Give peace a chance

So a couple of kids got the bright idea to start a catfight in my classroom today.

I was decidedly Not In The Mood For It, so I stepped between the warring factions while they were still busy posturing and calmly explained that anyone planning to hurt one of my kids would have to come through me to do it.

Apparently I sounded convincing, because the confrontation ended right there, and we didn’t have any more trouble the rest of the hour.

Score another one for the pacifist with the Mama Bear streak….


3 thoughts on “Give peace a chance”

  1. I don’t have a whole lot of trouble with fights in my room. I’m usually quick enough and aware enough of what’s brewing to catch them before they get past the posturing stage. Most kids aren’t stupid enough to hit a teacher, so if I can get between them before they actually start swinging, they back down rather than risk expulsion and a possible felony charge. (Hitting another kid is usually a suspension. Hitting a teacher is a criminal offense.) And a lot of the time, they know their mouths are writing checks their bodies can’t cash, so they’re secretly grateful to have somebody come to the rescue in a way that lets them save a little face.

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