How cool is this?


I got a nice surprise in the mail the other day: My friend Mike sent me this gorgeous linen postcard showing how my school looked in 1946. It looks basically the same now, except the trees are a lot taller and more plentiful, and the windows look slightly different because of an update that was done a few years ago to improve energy efficiency.

Our campus, which is just off Route 66, is really beautiful. I love our main building’s great Art Deco lines. (Zaphod didn’t know it at the time, but when he offered me the job last year, it was the tour of the campus that helped clinch my decision. It’s hard to walk through a 1938 building and say, “No, I don’t want to work here.” As I told Zaphod later: “You had me at Deco.”)


4 thoughts on “How cool is this?”

  1. Very cool! We have an art deco post office here I like to visit. I did an analysis of it during architecture school, which helped appreciate.

  2. I graduated from there in 88 and my mom graduated from there in 56- and the inside and out were unlike any other – but i have noticed that in front of the auditorium where they had those BEAUTIFUL DECO lights- that were there from when the school was built are gone now…I can’t imagine why? but i love this postcard- i would love to have it for my collection as well- GREAT FIND!

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