A few happies today:

1. Our academic team won their match this afternoon with a sudden-death tiebreaker question. The rules and structure of the games are different in Oklahoma in 2009 than they were in Illinois in 1993, and the buzzer systems have gotten WAY more advanced … but in the end, the game is the same, and I love it as much now as I did when I was playing. Awesome that our coach lets me tag along and help.

2. I went to Burger House for dinner after the game. Yum.

3. From the “Why I Love My Boss” files: After learning that a particular student was making a low grade in my class due to attendance problems, my principal agreed to meet with the kid, who likes him but doesn’t trust very many other adults. I like a boss who gives me what I want. I love a boss who gives my kids what they need.

4. I made some hot chocolate a minute ago. It was lovely … especially on a cool, gray afternoon.

5. Random thought: One of my girls wrote this great little riff the other day about eating oranges with chili powder and lime salt when she was visiting her grandmother in Mexico. The way she wrote about it made it sound so good that I am now dying to try it. I wonder how late Las Americas is open tonight?

Hope your day was full of little happies. 🙂


One thought on “Happies”

  1. My day was full of happies, thanks! I gave a customer advice I know will help him build his house. I compiled a complicated letter to cover 6 different, related permits. I had a very pleasant hour in our local reading room. I enjoyed my job. How many people get to enjoy their job? Mine is fun, and it’s helps people, and I get paid to do it! 🙂

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