Sugar buzz


I made this tonight from a recipe on Grace’s Red Kitchen blog. It’s pretty good, but I’d definitely take Grace’s suggestion and cut the frosting with real cream cheese if you make it with something as sweet as Porter peaches. (OK — that is a lie. I would not do any such thing. I would suggest that you cut the frosting with real cream cheese. But what I would do is buy a tub of that Philadelphia cheesecake filling and spread it on there in place of the frosting next time, because I am lazy.)

I’ve spent this evening cooking things to eat later in the week, because I do NOT want to spend my whole school year eating stuff that came out of a paper wrapper. I’ll let you know how everything turned out when I sample it. 🙂


One thought on “Sugar buzz”

  1. Mmm. That looks awesome. Bags of Flamm’s peaches are on sale around SI right now for $4.99 (about 12-13 peaches)…I may have to revisit my dessert pizza with some peaches!!

    I wonder if you could use apple butter on there instead of the frosting. It might give the peaches some spicy autumny bite…though it will still be pretty sweet I guess. What did I say though? This level of sugar is not for pansies!! 🙂

    Anyway, it looks delicious, Em. I’m sure Geoff will salivate it he sees your post. He ate HALF of that giant pizza I made by himself!!

    Also, I’m glad you told me you don’t have a pizza stone…now I have a built-in gift idea next time I come with nothing! Even the non-kitchen-dweller Hubby uses my pizza stone all the time. We cannot live without it!! 🙂

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