Nice meme

I swiped this meme off a friend’s blog. I kind of like it. I’m kind of test-driving it for my classroom — I think I could modify it a little and come up with a pretty decent writing prompt for student journals.


For today…

Outside my window… bright sunshine.
I am thinking… it’s maybe not such a bad thing that my bees will be introducing me to my new boss. I was delivering honey to some colleagues this morning and had hoped to meet the new principal while I was in the office, but he was out, so I just left a jar on his desk. The girls usually make a better first impression than I do anyway, so I’m perfectly content to let them make my introduction for me. 🙂
From the classroom*… swapping fun ideas with people on Craftster, where I posted pictures of my latest project for school.
I am thankful for… my animals.
From the kitchen… nothing yet. I need to empty the dishwasher and go to the grocery store.
I am wearing… jeans, Crocs, and a Powder Puff football T-shirt.
I am reading… Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara.
I am hoping… to get some of my first-week-of-school materials ready today.
I am creating… educational games for my students.
I am praying… with gratitude for this beautiful summer day.
Around the house… the sound of my finch singing his squeaky songs and the silence of my cat sneaking into the living room to play on the chair he isn’t supposed to touch.
One of my favorite things… pina colada snow cones.
A few plans for the rest of the week… a solitary jog to collect my thoughts, a Reading Room shift, and a better litterbox for Walter. (I guess the litterbox is really more for my benefit than Walter’s. He doesn’t mind the one he has; it’s just a hassle to clean, and I think there are probably better-designed models available.)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


These are my subject-verb agreement dominoes. They were more trouble to make than I thought they would be, but I think they turned out well. Hopefully the kids will like them.


* The original meme called this “learning rooms,” which I think has something to do with homeschooling, but since I’m a teacher, I just changed it to “classroom.” Hardly a day goes by that I’m not collecting some scrap of information or creating some tool to use in my classroom, so I might as well mention it, yes?

Livin’ in style

Reason No. 487 that my husband is awesome: He got up this morning and ordered us a pair of Paul McCartney tickets. 

The song above is my favorite of McCartney’s solo efforts.

Totally unrelated: Is there a trick to not sounding like you just woke up when the phone rings and wakes you up? Not that anybody called this morning and totally saw through my attempt to pretend I was already awake when the phone rang, of course. (Man, I hate that. I always feel like such a dork.)


Honey do



What a weekend. In addition to mapping out my plans for the coming school year and writing detailed lesson plans for the first couple of weeks of school, I have: designed a set of tiles to teach subject-verb agreement; made a craft-store run; delivered some software to a friend in Stroud; inspected five beehives; harvested, extracted, filtered, and packaged honey (eight frames, which translates to about 25 one-pound jars); begun firing the ceramic paint on the subject-verb tiles (half of them are in the oven now, where they will remain for the next 35 minutes); and started the process of rendering the beeswax from the cappings I sliced off the honeycomb we harvested today.


Here are the tiles before I fired them. At the moment, half of them have been fired and are cooling on the kitchen floor; the other half are still in the oven, where the ceramic paint I used to write the words is baking on, which supposedly will make it dishwasher-safe. I hope the baking process makes it sophomore-resistant, too….

Here’s a gratuitous photo of Walter sleeping on my lap a couple of weeks ago:


We also had a nice dinner this evening: KFC biscuits with honey, followed by a trip to the awesome taco truck at 11th and Lewis. If you happen to live in Tulsa, and you haven’t been over there yet, you really must try it. The lengua tacos are fantastic, and Ron got a carne asada quesadilla this evening that was maybe the best either of us has ever had. 

I think we’re going to download The Natural to the Roku and watch it in a few minutes. If I felt less lazy at the moment, I’d make kettle corn, but my kitchen is sticky enough as it is, so I think I’ll just settle for microwave popcorn and a Pickle Sickle.

Hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are.


Longtime readers know what the title of this post means. I’ll explain it to the rest of y’all in a minute.

In the past two hours, I have changed Gertie’s litter; cleaned Hedwig’s cage; scooped out Walter’s litterbox; changed Pongo’s water; scrubbed the shower; decluttered the bathroom cabinet; replaced the bolts on the toilet seat; bleached the tea stains out of every drinking glass Ron has ever used (in other words, every plastic cup and Mason jar in the house); washed a load of delicates; sterilized all the canning jars I could cram into the dishwasher; cleared the counters; cleared the table; cleaned the stovetop; put the dogs out; taken out the trash; and checked my e-mail, all in an attempt to clear my to-do list so I can dive into my favorite summer tradition:


The bad news is that half our tomato plants died while I was in Atlanta. The good news is that I harvested a grocery bag full of ripe fruit off the withered vines … which means that a couple of hours hence, I will be listening to the satisfying plink of canning-jar lids sealing themselves as the jars cool down.

I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled Folk Thursday as soon as I finish. 🙂



Sorry for the prolonged silence. I thought I would get right back into the swing of things when I got in from Atlanta, but it’s been nuts around here (as usual), and it’s been dreadfully hot out — triple digits every day since I got home. It’s storming now, so hopefully things will cool off. 

My big goal for this week is to get my first-quarter lesson plans done. I have a million ideas, but my office is so hopelessly cluttered that it’s almost impossible for me to focus a thought. I feel as if my summer just started this week, and I’m already looking down the barrel of another school year. I get a little panicky every time the radio runs that spot about back-to-school immunization clinics. I’m not ready to go back to school yet. I haven’t done ANY of the things I’d hoped to do for my classroom this summer. 

I know I’m putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself — if I’ve revamped my syllabus and put together a week’s worth of lesson plans by the time school starts, I’ll be just fine — but I want my whole semester mapped out and tucked neatly into a binder before the kids come in. I feel better when I know exactly what I mean to accomplish, even if the realities of the classroom force me to throw out the whole lesson and start from scratch 30 seconds after the bell rings.

Maybe I’ll feel better once I’ve had a chance to meet our new principal. He should be arriving soon. I hope he’s as much fun as Zaphod, but I think I may be asking for the moon there. I’m not sure Robin Williams is as much fun as Zaphod.

I’ll tell you who is as much fun as Zaphod: Walter. Three pounds of sheer comic genius, that one. His latest performances involve chasing his tail (he caught it yesterday and rolled right off the bed while trying to figure out what to do with it) and doing this weird Snoopy-as-the-World-War-I-Flying-Ace routine in which he zigzags across the bed, stopping periodically to crouch and stare at some invisible target. He’s obviously carrying out some sort of covert operation, but I can’t figure out what it is. If he told me, he’d probably have to kill me….



I got back from Atlanta this evening. It was a nice trip, but I am exhausted, and I have a very long list of stuff to accomplish tomorrow, so blogging will have to wait.

Goal for this week: Figure out how to siphon off some of Walter’s excess energy and use it to replenish my own supplies.


Walking in Memphis

I’m blogging from Memphis, where a group of my colleagues and I stopped for the night on our way to Atlanta for a schools conference.

Memphis is a vibrant city, but the real highlight of my day wasn’t the 15-year-old blues prodigy I saw at B.B. King’s or the barbecue I ate at Neely’s. As is so often the case, the best moment came in the form of a small kindness.

On the way down here, I fell asleep in the van. Our dean of students, who was sitting behind me, noticed I was in an awkward position, so to keep me from waking up sore, she quietly wedged a small pillow between my neck and shoulder. A simple thing, to be sure, but it was a very sweet, thoughtful gesture, and I really appreciated it.

Hope your Saturday included at least one small act of kindness.



We have about a million tadpoles in our pond. There are tiny ones and big ones and in-between-ish ones. The biggest ones have bodies about the size of a dime and are already growing back legs. The little ones are about the size of ladybugs, with little wiggly tails.

I can’t wait for them to turn into grownup frogs and toads so they can sing me songs at night. 🙂