Such a fine sight to see

Here are a few images from Route 66 in eastern Arizona:



This bridge across Querino Canyon near Houck dates to 1930. My hat, which folds up for easy packing, was a souvenir from the Continental Divide gift shop.


We drove through the Painted Desert — an excursion that also included a walk on the Blue Mesa trail. Beautiful trail, but the steep switchbacks at the beginning could benefit from some guardrails….


Earl’s Motor Court offers travelers the chance to “Sleep on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona.” The bed wasn’t terribly comfortable, but the shower was wonderful.




The residents of Grand Canyon Deer Farm, a Route 66 petting zoo between Parks and Williams, were enthusiastic about the prospect of a free meal.

I’ll post more Arizona images tomorrow. I’m off to get an ice shaver so I can make treats with a young friend tomorrow evening. If I can figure out a good way to set it up on the front porch, we’ll make ourselves popular with all the neighborhood kids. I think there’s an extension cord under my desk.

KITTEN UPDATE: Walter thinks my bead curtain is the greatest cat toy ever. He entertains himself — and us — with it constantly. Funny little guy.