Free kitten


Here are some things I did not include on my to-do list for the night before vacation:

1. Wrestle mortally wounded kitten away from dogs.
2. Comfort dying kitten.
3. Climb half-rotten pear tree to extract kitten’s littermates.
4. Spend several hours on front porch with neighbor, flea-dipping kittens found in tree.

Here are some things my dogs put on their to-do list for the night before I left for vacation:

1. Find secret al-Qaeda operative posing as kitten in woodpile.
2. Neutralize threat to national security posed by presence of kitten in woodpile.

Thanks to an extremely kind neighbor, the two surviving kittens had a comfortable place to crash while I was on vacation. Without her intervention, they would have ended up at the pound.

One of them is probably going to live with her family for the rest of its life, as her kids have fallen head-over-heels in love with the little booger.

Here is the other one:


That would be my pillow.

I have assured Ron that this is a temporary situation that will be over as soon as I find a permanent home for the cat. Ron is graciously pretending to believe me.


2 thoughts on “Free kitten”

  1. He’s white with dark gray splotches, and he’s getting some sort of tabbyish stripes on his face. There’s no brown on him, although the lighting in the picture sort of looks that way. Rumor has it that he may be one of Callie’s grandkids, which delights me to no end — Callie was a nice cat, and I was sorry when her family moved away and took her with them.

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