Starving hysterical naked …

… is probably how my credit rating would end up if Tulsa had anything like City Lights Books. In the span of two hours this afternoon, I dropped $258 on classroom materials from Ginsberg’s old haunt. I had quite forgotten the joy of shopping for books as a high-school English teacher … and I don’t think I’d ever before known the joy of walking into a bookstore with the better end of a grand earmarked specifically for classroom materials. (Marilyn: Tell the board thanks again on behalf of your design editor and all her kids in Room 204.)

I think I now have every piece I need to start planning my second-semester lessons for the coming school year.

Other highlights today:

* Consuming horrible cappuccino and good cake for breakfast at a coffeehouse in Half Moon Bay;
* Photographing a lighthouse on the PCH;
* Asking two completely bewildered docents at the Palace of the Legion of Honor for directions to the marker at the western terminus of the Lincoln Highway (and then finding it ourselves, photographing it, and returning to the Palace to advise the docents of its whereabouts in case anybody else came looking for it);
* Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge;
* Visiting Sausalito (a lovely but utterly claustrophobic density of wealth that will probably give me nightmares for years to come — Kate will understand when I say that it looks as if you took all the houses out of Ladue, crammed them onto The Hill, and then stuck the whole thing on the side of the bluffs in Elsah);
* Riding shotgun as Ron negotiated the steep rise and insane downhill switchbacks of Lombard Avenue;
* Eating roast duck over rice for $4.75 at a little restaurant in Chinatown; and
* Checking into the breathtakingly cute Ocean Park Motel — a gorgeous little Deco gem two blocks from the beach — where I am lying in bed with the casement open just a bit, listening to the tide come and go.

Tomorrow: Leg Three of our journey — a cruise east on the Lincoln Highway.