You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy

I have no words for how proud I am of this:


It all began when Ron and I stopped at Sullivan Pottery on Route 66 in Missouri a few weeks ago, and I hit the mother lode on cheap concrete lawn gnomes.

Looking over my collection of concrete friends, I thought, “They remind me of the Something-or-Other Army.”

The term I was trying to come up with was “Terracotta Army.” But the term that kept inserting itself into the sentence was “KISS Army.”


This, of course, immediately conjured up images of lawn gnomes wearing KISS makeup — an image so gloriously ludicrous that I was powerless to resist the compulsion to turn it into reality.



I can’t explain it, either. I’ve found that when I feel a creative outburst coming on, it’s usually best just to roll with it and not ask too many questions.

I’m not sure why I started with Paul Stanley. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. I’ll post pictures of his bandmates as soon as I finish painting them.