What a great day. Highlights:

1. Shot the bull with Linda from Hilltop Honey at the Cherry Street Farmers’ Market.
2. Bought a garden rake and three Million Bells plants at a feed store in Cleveland.
3. Had lunch at the Dari-Diner.
4. Bought two rolls of 126 film at my neighbor’s garage sale. (The film expired in 1989, but I’m hoping that just means the colors will be extra trippy.)
4. Helped Dawn move booths around at the Rock Cafe.
5. Saw a rainbow on the way home.
6. Drove Gretchen to the hardware store for fencing and pavers.
7. Built a new flowerbed in the front yard.
8. Made pasta with zucchini and green onions for dinner.

Here’s the new flowerbed:


It doesn’t look terribly impressive now, but it should be gorgeous later this summer, as I am planting morning glories and sweet peas in there tomorrow. The chickens are already impressed, as I fed them about a dozen grubworms I found in the soil while I was spading up the bed….

I’m looking forward to another good day tomorrow: We’re going to Norman to see the B-52’s (CAUTION: NOISY LINK) in concert. I’ve been dying to see them since high school, so I’m really excited about this. We’re going to Van’s Pig Stand for dinner before the show. Should be a great day.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend, wherever you are.


4 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. I certainly will. I’m looking forward to seeing them myself. I think they’ll give our house kind of an English cottage look. I’m hoping I can afford to put a white picket fence around the front yard one of these years. I’d like to cover it with morning glories and turn the whole yard into a big flowerbed.

  2. Good luck on the 126mm film. I recently shot some old film that had expired in 1985. It came out perfect. Well it had a greenish tint, but you’d have to be really good to see it.

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