Lovely evening

Our school’s graduation was this evening. It was very nice, and much less stressful than I’d imagined it might be. Several teachers and administrators went out for dinner afterward, which was fun; I got to spend some time talking to colleagues I seldom see.

On a totally unrelated note, an extremely weird thing has happened in the past week: For no apparent reason, I have lost my taste for salt. Anyone who has known me for longer than five minutes can appreciate the magnitude of this development. I’ve been salting my food ever since I was big enough to hold a salt shaker. At any given moment, I will have at least three salt shakers on hand, not counting the one I keep in the car. But at some point Saturday, I lost my taste for salt. At 10:30 that morning, I was gleefully porking down a heavily salted order of fries from White Castle; at 8:30 that evening, I sank my teeth into a pork chop sandwich from a grocery store deli and thought, “This would be SO good if it didn’t have so much salt on it!”

I haven’t felt the need to salt anything since then.

I don’t get it, either. Now, if I’d just lose my taste for fat, sugar, and four-letter words, I could be thin and gracious with no effort at all….


3 thoughts on “Lovely evening”

  1. I’ve had that happen while eating fries. I think it is also the lack of taste for the greasy fat with the salt. Fries used to taste so very good, but now I don’t have a desire for them at all.

  2. The strange thing is that I thoroughly enjoyed the fries. It wasn’t until several hours later that I suddenly discovered I didn’t really want salt any more.

    I’ve always regarded fat and salt as two of the basic food groups. That’s why those crispy things at the bottom of an order of Long John Silver’s fish are, like, the best thing ever. Except they don’t particularly appeal to me now. I find this notion vaguely depressing….

  3. About a month ago I decided to treat myself to an order of fried oysters at White River Fish Market. I love fried oysters! But, there was something about the smell of the grease in there that affected me so badly that I couldn’t eat them at all. I ended up throwing them away, and I haven’t been able to eat anything fried, smell anything fried, or even think about anything fried without feeling ill ever since. Hey, I hope it lasts! It’ll be good for my diet! As for salt, I never really liked the stuff.

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