Amish Paradise

Sorry for the prolonged silence. Let me ‘splain … no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I left Tulsa on Friday afternoon with plans to pay Mom a surprise visit for Mother’s Day weekend. My sister called a couple of hours later to tell me a violent storm (either a rare inland hurricane or a meso cyclone, depending on which newspaper you read) had hit southern Illinois and knocked out power to most of the region, and I should head back home instead of carrying out my plans for a visit.

Being a Lehman’s catalog junkie and power outage veteran, I decided to ignore her advice and make myself useful. A few phone calls and several pit stops later, I had a carload of supplies and gadgets suitable for weathering an extended power outage.

Jamie summed up the situation about as well as anybody: “Trees fall down. Big mess!”

I didn’t have the Rebel with me on this trip (though if I’d known what was going on, I certainly would have grabbed it), but you can see a few pictures of the “big mess” here and here and here.

In spite of the mess, it was a nice trip. Maybe even nicer than usual, as there were no televisions or computers to distract anybody.


One thought on “Amish Paradise”

  1. Emily:

    E-mail me, will you. I was at Lehman’s last week and have something I want to send you.

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