More schoolwork

If I keep this up, I will have my entire curriculum for next year — and all the materials — designed before this school year is out. I went to Mardel tonight (second trip in as many days; I didn’t have time to see everything yesterday before the store closed) and bought several posters and a bunch of blank jigsaw puzzles.

I spent part of this evening turning the blank puzzles into tools for reviewing parts of speech with the kids. I made eight puzzles — one for each part of speech — with an example of that part of speech written on each puzzle piece. Sometime during the first week or so of school, I’ll mix up all the puzzle pieces and hand them out to the kids, who will then have to work together to sort out the different parts of speech. I’ll probably award a prize to the group that finishes its puzzle first.

I’m also revamping my grading system. I think it will be a lot clearer for the kids and will emphasize certain aspects of class a lot better. This year was mostly a process of throwing stuff against the wall to see what would stick. Next year should be much better organized, as I have a better idea of how long it takes to accomplish certain things, what kinds of activities work best, etc.

I’ll take pictures of my puzzles and post them when I get a hand free.

In other news, Ron requeened the Italian hive, so hopefully it will perk up. That colony had gotten alarmingly sluggish lately. Ron says the Buckfasts have a serious attitude problem. I’m glad. After last year’s wax moth catastrophes, I don’t want any more tolerant, timid bees.