I ran a 5K on Saturday morning. My time was something like 31:31, which isn’t great, but considering the fact that I was dehydrated, hadn’t acclimated to the warm temperatures yet, and hadn’t run a step in two months, I think it was pretty respectable. I was on pace for a PR until the last kilometer, when I ran out of steam and had to walk a bit. I think I’m going to devote this summer to chasing a PR.

In other news, the peas, collards, cucumbers, zucchini, and Trail of Tears beans are all starting to come up. If we get the rains they’re predicting for tomorrow, the garden will take off at warp speed. The tomatoes are all looking good. The ones inside the Wall o’ Waters are getting enormous; I expect we’ll see blooms on some of them in a matter of days.