Sunshine Daydream

If today hadn’t already existed, I would have dreamed it up myself. The weather was dazzling — vibrant sunshine and perfect temperatures — and I had lots of happy moments.

A few highlights:

1. We finished our English II End-of-Instruction tests this morning. We won’t know how we did until summer at the earliest, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
2. The kids have been testing all week and were pretty wiped out, so I let my afternoon classes play another spirited round of Pronoun Twister. Bonus: Zaphod came in to watch them play. It’s always good when the principal sees the kids doing something cool.
3. The radishes and a couple of the carrots have sprouted. Hooray for my garden!
4. Our baseball team had a doubleheader after school today. We lost both games, but it was still a great day to be at the ballpark … and as a lifelong Cubs fan, I reserve the right to enjoy every game, regardless of the score.
5. Ron reports that our Buckfast bees are good and ornery. Hooray for ornery bees!
6. The frogs and toads are singing their hearts out tonight.

I think I’m going to cap my lovely day with a trip to the grocery store to pick up orange sherbet and chocolate syrup.

Hope you’ve had a perfectly delicious, Dymaxion-sundae kind of day, wherever you are.