Not folk

While rummaging around YouTube in search of suitable Folk Thursday material, I ran across something interesting.

And by “interesting,” I mean “Josh Groban wishes he owned a set of pipes like this.”

I love Michael Ball….


3 thoughts on “Not folk”

  1. Speaking of, Meg wanted me to ask if you knew anything about carpenter (wood) bees. We’re getting about a half dozen or so in the sunroom, and were wondering if there’s anything we can do about them rather than just spraying them individually.

    Course what we really need to do if fix that dang door so it’ll close.

  2. I’d fix the door. Unless they’re actually boring into your house, they’re not particularly worrisome — they look big and scary, but they’re not prone to sting (the females do have stingers, but they seldom use them), and they’re good pollinators.

  3. Normally, they won’t bore into painted wood. They attacked our gazebo as soon as it was done but abandoned it once we got it all painted. We did see one today boring back into an area of it but I don’t expect much more activity.

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