Earth Day


We celebrated Earth Day by adding more pollinators to our bee yard. Our shipment of Carniolans arrived today via UPS. Based on the pictures I’ve seen of Carnies, I was expecting a darker-bodied bee, but the ones we got really didn’t look significantly different from Italians or Buckfasts.

Still pretty little things, though. We’ll see how they do. They were surprisingly opinionated. Everything I’ve read says Carnies are extremely docile, but these girls struck me as … well, not exactly aggressive, but definitely saucy little wenches.

I’m not sure who that is in the photo above. I’m guessing one of the Buckfasts. I found her working the chives on the deck this afternoon. I hurried in and got the camera; by the time I returned, I had just time enough to squeeze off one shot before she finished her work and took off. Fortunately, the shot I got was a pretty good one.

Go do something nice for the planet if you haven’t yet today.