Mom and Dad were in town for the weekend. I’m always amazed at how much we can pack into a couple of days. This time around, we had dinner at Wilson’s on Friday night when Mom and Dad got to town. On Saturday, we ate at Ollie’s, shopped at the Cherry Street Farmers’ Market, toured the Gilcrease Museum, and had lunch at a Mexican place downtown. After lunch, Ron and I planted vegetables while Mom and Dad rested a bit. After Ron went to work, Mom and Dad and I went out for smoothies at Java ‘n’ Juice and then drove around for a while.

Today, Mom helped me work on some materials for my classroom before we all headed to lunch at Napoli’s. We also went shopping at Airway Variety Store and Colebrook Nursery, had ice cream at Braum’s, and went for another drive (this one through a ridiculous subdivision full of outrageously tasteless McMansions). We capped the evening with dinner at the Pie Hole, which is one of my favorites.

I just threw together a lesson plan for tomorrow, and if I can muster the energy, I might grade a few papers and pick up some heavy cream so I can make mushroom soup before Ron gets home. (Or I might not. I’m awfully tired….)

Hope your weekend was good. Say a prayer, light a candle, or think good thoughts for my kids this week. They’re taking their End-of-Instruction tests, and I really want them to do well.



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