Planting Day

Today — the first Saturday after Tax Day — is the most important day of the year, because it’s the day we put our vegetable garden in the ground.

This year’s garden has 15 tomato plants (Carbon, 1884, Radiator Charlie, Mexico Midget, Black from Tula, Black Cherry, Amish Paste, Principe Borghese, and I think one or two others that escape me at the moment); four eggplants (I forget the variety); Amish Snap peas; an icebox watermelon that turns yellow when ripe; Clemson Spineless okra; Dragon carrots; Rat-Tailed radishes; Miniature White Wonder and Double Yield cucumbers; Black Beauty zucchini; Cherokee Trail of Tears beans; Yard Long asparagus beans; and Vates collards.

I’m not sure how we crammed all that into the space we have, but there it is. I still have to build a bed in the front yard to plant flowers, but at least the vegetables are in the ground.

I bought something lovely this morning at the farmer’s market: three beautiful, healthy-looking water hyacinths. I tossed them into the pond. While I was taking a nap, Ron let the dogs out. One of them (I suspect Riggy, but Song was probably involved) promptly extracted all three plants from the pond and destroyed them. Brats. I need to landscape around the pond. I’ll figure out a way to dog-proof it when I do.

Mom and Dad are in town this weekend. They’re coming to pick me up in a minute so we can go get a smoothie at the new place across from Tally’s — a good way to cap a busy afternoon in the dirt.