Thinking aloud

Goals for next year:

1. Cram approximately nine years’ worth of English grammar into two weeks without boring anybody or making it feel like drudgery. I’m fairly certain this is going to involve creating Mad Libs based on stories from our lit book.
2. Turn writing into a game.
3. Find a research project that lets the kids practice their note-taking and outlining skills in a way that yields a useful end product. The world does not need another batch of dry, stuffy research papers. Surely we can hook up with some nonprofit organizations to create fact sheets about various issues that matter to the kids. Offhand, I can think of at least 15 or 20 PASS objectives we could cover with a project like that….


2 thoughts on “Thinking aloud”

  1. As the person who collects all that research for a certain nonprofit, I can say your #3 sounds very helpful. Let me know if you want to coordinate that.

  2. Definitely! Let’s get together this summer and figure out the best way to coordinate efforts. I think your organization helps out some of our kids, so that’s a natural match.

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