Great day

Today was an awesome day: My kids spent the day in the library, doing research for a paper, and then I came home and put on my bee jacket so we could install a colony of Buckfasts in a hive. Once we’d taken care of the bees, we went down 11th Street to check the progress of the Meadow Gold sign (photos forthcoming later) and then headed south on Peoria to have dinner at Mi Ranchito, where I used my extremely meager Spanish skills to order what may have been the best meal I’ve eaten since we moved to Tulsa. Ron had two tacos: one pastor (pork) and one tripas (basically fried chitlins). I had three: two barbacoa (goat) and one lengua (tongue).

Last time we were there, the attached grocery store had dulce de tres leches, which is maybe the best dessert on the planet. We didn’t get quite that lucky this time around, but it was still a great dinner.