Things I could do with my afternoon

Ron took my car to work because his car is too low-slung to get through deep snow, so unless I can coax Gretchen into starting on a cold afternoon (not likely), I’m stuck in the house. Here are some of the things I could do this afternoon:

1. Clean the chicks’ cage
2. Plan next week’s lessons
(Rest of list below the fold)

3. Declutter my office
4. Declutter my bedroom
5. Declutter the office closet
6. Declutter the bedroom closet
7. Declutter the living room
8. Declutter the living-room closet
9. Clean Gertrude’s cage
10. Clean Hedwig’s cage
11. Declutter the bathroom cabinets
12. Declutter the kitchen cabinets
13. Clean the fridge
14. Scrub the furnace grate in the kitchen
15. Dust the house
16. Declutter my wall pockets
17. Declutter my filing cabinets
18. Reorganize my filing cabinets
19. Hang up all my racing bibs
20. Make a patchwork skirt
21. Finish the details on my still-unfinished Wild Things mural
22. Remove the dead leaves from my spider plant
23. Make cookies for homework night
24. Make brownies for homework night
25. Make kettle corn for homework night
26. Read some old Sentinels and Journals
27. Finish reading Michael’s Lincoln Highway book
28. Design a Monopoly-style board game for my classes to play next year
29. Make a sock monkey to use as a prize for a classroom contest
30. Declutter the tops of the dogs’ crates
31. Organize the dogs’ toys and leashes
32. Take the dogs for a walk in the snow
33. Read some of the books I got from the used shelf at the Reading Room but never opened
34. Work on Jamie and Hazel’s ABC book
35. Make stuffed toys for Jamie and Hazel
36. Hide in the Fortress of Solitude
37. Draw up plans for a hoop house
38. Write up some Indie Tulsa entries
39. Write up some Route 66 Food entries
40. Write up some Spring Break 66 entries
41. Pack a box of goodies to ship to Kathryn
42. Pack a box of goodies to send home for Jamie and Hazel
43. Fold paper cranes
44. Start working on No. 49 on my 101 Things list
45. Start working on the Route 66 for Kids update, which is due out this spring
46. Work on my freelance projects
47. See if any of the “Science Fiction Double Feature” movies can be downloaded to the Roku (and more importantly, see if any have been made into MST3K episodes)
48. Watch Schindler’s List
49. Reread the first three books in the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy
50. Send my solar guy a Facebook message inquiring about Solatubes for the bathroom
51. Scan some photos
52. Do some scrapbooking
53. Do some advance planning for next year
54. Make changes to the Trip Guide and print a second proof
55. Play with our new school Web site and see if I can figure out how to use some of the features to improve my classroom site
56. Update the operating system on my iPod

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