Nap weather

It’s so cold and rainy that I gave up on my original plans for the evening (grocery shopping and dinner from the Taco Bell drive-through, which for some reason I kept craving all day) and just settled for leftover pasta, a cheese omelet, and a nap. I think I’ll make a smoothie and then go back to bed. The weather isn’t great for going outside, but it’s marvelous for sleeping … or perhaps curling up on the couch with some homemade kettle corn and To Have and Have Not. If I feel ambitious later, I’ll start some housecleaning.

Hope you’re warm and dry on this Friday evening.


One thought on “Nap weather”

  1. Hope your cold weather doesn’t kill your wisteria. It’s only supposed to reach 34 here for the low over the next several days. It’s always a crap shoot when stuff is this far advanced this early in the season. Grace is worried about her peonies. They’re about 7 or 8 inches high and too scattered to try and cover with sheets even if she had some to spare.

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