I am descending into the pits of hell starting the Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide layout project tonight.

Last year, I dropped only three f-bombs while I was working on it. This year, the goal is to reduce that number to zero. Stay tuned … we’ll see if I can pull it off. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Descent”

  1. So far, things aren’t looking good. I’ve opened the first three ads, and every single one has been completely unusable. The third one was a Word file sent at full-page size, with instructions to run a half-page ad. Our ad form, which they have to fill out and attach to their payment, states — in all caps — DO NOT SUBMIT WORD, PUBLISHER, OR QUARK FILES.

    This year, we’re enforcing the “AN EXTRA FEE OF $25-$75 WILL BE CHARGED IF WE MUST CREATE OR REBUILD THE AD” rule, and this year, I get the fees.

    Hello, Karmann Ghia….

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