Slow progress

I have tons of work to do tonight: lesson plans to rewrite (we’ve got state evaluators coming in tomorrow, and somehow those lesson plans I wrote this weekend through a cloud of heartbreak just don’t seem dynamic), a fourth-quarter unit plan to write, a test to design, a form to generate for third hour, and a handful of forms to fill out for the federal magnet grant people. I’ve got dishes that have been piled on the stove and in the sink since Thursday, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I cleaned the bathroom.

I’d rather spend my evening watching Song wrestle with Riggy (who is not at all reluctant to tell me exactly how he feels about being stuck in his crate at the moment), but despite my workload, I can’t complain. This is the first time since Friday that I’ve felt good enough to clean the house or work up a decent lesson plan. It’s the longest I’ve gone without tears, and it’s the longest I’ve gone without feeling as if I’m going to collapse from sheer exhaustion.

I’m almost OK tonight. I can’t decide how I feel about that.


UPDATE: Ron did the dishes for me, and I got everything done for school. I’m a little behind on grading, but I’m giving a test tomorrow, so I should have time to catch up while the kids are working on that. Once I get through tomorrow, I should be able to breathe just a little bit.