Hard-won victory

Conic sections and quadratic equations kicked my butt in 1991. Eighteen years later, I have returned the favor: I got a 94 on my algebra final and a 97 for the semester.

I’m trying to decide what I want to do next. I think I’d like to take trig and calculus, but I’m kind of wavering, because I’m also thinking about grad school.

I was thinking about it much harder before I figured out that the cheapest option would set me back more than $8,000, and I’d have to settle for something other than English (my first — and most obvious — choice) or math (my second).

Why is it that so many colleges assume that if you are a teacher, and you are pursuing a master’s degree, it is because you want to be an administrator? What if I’m perfectly happy being in the classroom? What if I have no desire to be an administrator? What if I just want to get class credit for spending the next two years shooting the bull about Faulkner? Is that so wrong?


3 thoughts on “Hard-won victory”

  1. woo hoo – congrats
    You know – as a Community Worker – people expect that i want to end up working in DOCS (child protection) or Council … but I never really had that goal – and it took me ages to realise that it was Ok to have the goal “I want to stay working doing what i love to do”

  2. I don’t know what Oklahoma’s laws are like, but here in Ohio you are EXPECTED to get a Master’s Degree in Education at some point (I want to say it’s after five years or so). My husband was frustrated because he was subbing and couldn’t go back permanently without the degree — and there’s no way we have that kind of money lying around.

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