One thought on “Eggplant”

  1. Mmm…eggplant. The only way I’ve ever had it is the way I make no-noodle lasagna when I’m counting carbs, but man is it good. You cut the eggplant in thin, long slices that look similar in width/thickness to heavy lasagna noodles, salt each side and bake them about 5 minutes per side, and then pretty much prepare a lasagna like normal except layering them in, instead of using actual cooked (or uncooked) pasta noodles.

    Bake the prepared lasagna casserole dish as you would normal lasagna, and the finished result is like you have giant noodles made out of mushrooms. It is the most exquisitely wonderful taste in the world, and not a single bit of bitterness when it gets done. It seriously tastes like someone made noodles out of mushrooms. AMAZING.

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