Hard-won victory

Conic sections and quadratic equations kicked my butt in 1991. Eighteen years later, I have returned the favor: I got a 94 on my algebra final and a 97 for the semester.

I’m trying to decide what I want to do next. I think I’d like to take trig and calculus, but I’m kind of wavering, because I’m also thinking about grad school.

I was thinking about it much harder before I figured out that the cheapest option would set me back more than $8,000, and I’d have to settle for something other than English (my first — and most obvious — choice) or math (my second).

Why is it that so many colleges assume that if you are a teacher, and you are pursuing a master’s degree, it is because you want to be an administrator? What if I’m perfectly happy being in the classroom? What if I have no desire to be an administrator? What if I just want to get class credit for spending the next two years shooting the bull about Faulkner? Is that so wrong?