4 thoughts on “Sprouts”

  1. Last weekend. They probably would have come up a couple of days earlier, but the potting medium wasn’t wet enough. I had to add water twice in the first couple of days just to get it saturated. I think the mix had too much peat in it.

  2. Congrats! My sister got overenthusiastic with her starting her early plants and now (with Spring and decent planting weather nowhere in sight), her kitchen and dining rooms look like a set from “Day of the Triffids” (ok, maybe they’re not THAT tall, but still) …

  3. I am so tired of these crappy, cold, boring weekends. There’s lots that needs to be done in preparation for gardening season, but the weather is too lousy and the ground too wet to do anything outside. We had snow and sleet this morning–just flurries–but the wind is very sharp and biting. I got some nylon netting and made some little packages of shredded Irish Spring soap that I tied up with twist-ties. Your dad took them outside and put them in the shrubs and baby trees that the deer have been munching. It worked well last year. Maybe it will help some. The Bambi Family has decimated our landscaping efforts. If someone wants to come and shoot them, I’ll buy the ammunition. . .

    This morning, I planted 10 linden tree seeds I gathered at work last fall and 14 mimosa seeds we picked up from Damon’s tree. Hope something sprouts pretty soon. I want it to be Spring. NOW. It’s coming, though. Our Lenten Rose is blooming under the lilac and the maple trees are in full bloom.

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