2 thoughts on “Blossoms”

  1. Here in Illinois, we are running behind you. Your grandma’s jonquils are about an inch or so out of the ground and my new tulips are a little behind them. The peonies are little red nubbins that resemble pebbles in an aquarium, but that’s okay. I bought most of my vegetable seeds today and plan on starting the tomatoes tomorrow. I’ve got sweet potato vines started, but if they don’t progress sufficiently to put out in the spring, I’ll get some at Harper’s Feed Store when it’s time to plant. I still need to pick up okra seeds and locate some Green Arrow peas, and the red potatoes. It’s amazing how many people have come to conclusion that planting a veggie garden would be a good idea this year. I hope Obama does decide to put in a garden at the White House. There’s a group encouraging that.

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