Folk Thursday: Melanie

Melanie Safka performed at Woodstock.

This fact alone should have earned her a Folk Thursday appearance long ago.

She also has a loose Oklahoma connection, albeit in a rather vague, Six-Degrees-of-Separation sort of way: She was once a follower of Meher Baba, who was injured in a 1952 car accident near Prague.

Vocally, she reminds me of Mary Travers.

Somehow I did not realize until this evening that Melanie was responsible for “Brand New Key.” Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Folk Thursday: Melanie”

  1. omg – look at Jonny Cash too – how handsome was he

    i had a Melanie record .. well i think i inherited from my big bro – and i loved Brand new key

  2. Back in the late ’60s or early ’70s, he hosted a variety show. There are tons of videos of it on YouTube. I think it was where he started the whole “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” thing — that was how he opened each episode.

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